Global Data

Data accessible across multiple charts or models

Examples and How To

Access Data Store Memory from a Chart

To access global data in a Simulink® model from a chart, you must bind a Stateflow® data object to a Simulink data store — either a data store memory block or a signal object (see Bind a Stateflow Data Object to Data Store Memory).

Create a Global Data Store Across Multiple Models

To create read/write references to a global data store that you can share across multiple models:


About Data Stores

You can use an interface to direct charts to access global variables in Simulink models.

How Charts Work with Local and Global Data Stores

Charts can interface with local and global data stores.

Diagnostics for Sharing Data Between Charts and Simulink Blocks

Multiple reads and writes can occur unintentionally in the same time step.

Best Practices for Using Data Stores in Charts

When you bind a Stateflow data object to a data store, the Stateflow object inherits all properties from the data store.

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