Stateflow Product Description

Model and simulate decision logic using state machines and flow charts

Stateflow® is an environment for modeling and simulating combinatorial and sequential decision logic based on state machines and flow charts. Stateflow lets you combine graphical and tabular representations, including state transition diagrams, flow charts, state transition tables, and truth tables, to model how your system reacts to events, time-based conditions, and external input signals.

With Stateflow you can design logic for supervisory control, task scheduling, and fault management applications. Stateflow includes state machines animation and static and run-time checks for testing design consistency and completeness before implementation.

Key Features

  • Modeling environment, graphical components, and simulation engine for modeling and simulating complex logic

  • Deterministic execution semantics with hierarchy, parallelism, temporal operators, and events

  • State diagrams, state transition tables, and state transition matrices representing finite state machines

  • Flow charts, MATLAB® functions, and truth tables for representing algorithms

  • State diagram animation, state activity logging, data logging, and integrated debugging for analyzing the design and detecting runtime errors

  • Static and run-time checks for cyclic problems, state inconsistencies, data-range violations, and overflow conditions

  • Mealy and Moore finite-state machines

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