Create multilevel state complexity.

Use hierarchy in Stateflow® to manage multilevel states, where entry to one state must be preceded by entry to an outer state. With supertransitions, you can navigate to any level within your chart. Subcharts simplify your complex charts into organized units.


State Hierarchy

How to handle multilevel state complexity

How Chart Constructs Interact During Execution

Explains how different graphical and nongraphical constructs interact during chart execution

Move Between Levels of Hierarchy Using Supertransitions

Shows you how to make a supertransition to connect transitions from outside a subchart to a state or junction inside a subchart

Encapsulate Modal Logic Using Subcharts

Shows you how to create and work with charts within charts, that is, subcharts

Group Chart Objects Using Boxes

Describes how to create boxes for grouping objects in your charts

Implement Dynamic Test Vectors

Shows how to create test vectors that change dynamically during simulation

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