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Input and Output Data

Inputs from and outputs to Simulink®

Share data between Simulink and Stateflow® by creating data that can be used locally or output to your Simulink model. Check for consistency in your signals by assigning units to your data.


Share Data with Simulink and MATLAB Workspace

Describes how you can share data with Simulink models and the MATLAB® workspace

Set Data Properties

Explains the fields of the Data dialog box for setting the properties of a data

Best Practices for Using Data in Charts

Provides best practices for using data in charts

About Active State Data

Creation of data to monitor state activity.

Units in Stateflow

Specify, visualize, and check consistency of units on chart interfaces

Type Stateflow Data

Learn how to specify the type of your Stateflow data

Size Stateflow Data

Learn different ways to specify the size of your Stateflow data

Handle Integer Overflow for Chart Data

Describes how to handle integer overflow for chart data

Identify Data Using Dot Notation

How to use dot notation for qualified data names

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