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Input and Output Events

Triggers to which systems react, triggers that activate other systems

Use events to trigger actions within your Stateflow® chart or other Simulink® subsystems. Trigger multiple actions simultaneously with events. Trigger external actions by sending events to other charts in your Simulink model.


How Events Work in Stateflow Charts

How events work in Stateflow charts

Best Practices for Using Events in Stateflow Charts

Provides best practices for using events in Stateflow charts

Activate a Stateflow Chart Using Input Events

Describes how to use edge triggers and function calls as input events to activate a Stateflow chart

Control States When Function-Call Inputs Reenable Charts

Describes how to control the behavior of states when a function-call input event reenables a chart

Activate a Simulink Block Using Output Events

Describes how to use edge triggers and function calls as output events to activate a Simulink block

Define Events

Explains how to define events

Set Properties for an Event

Explains the fields of the Event properties dialog box

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