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Mask a Stateflow® block to customize appearance, parameters and documentation

You can create masks for Stateflow charts, state transition tables, and truth tables in Simulink® like other Simulink blocks. This section gives highlights for Stateflow blocks. For more complete information, see Block Masks (Simulink).


About Masks

Masking of Stateflow blocks.

Mask Editor Overview (Simulink)

Create and customize masks using the to Mask Editor interface.

Mask Parameters

Mask Parameters

Mask a Stateflow Block

Example of masking a Stateflow block.

Look Under a Mask

Examples of looking under a mask. User menu and badge.

Draw Mask Icon (Simulink)

You can create icons that update when you change the mask parameters to reflect the purpose of the block.

Initialize Mask (Simulink)

Use MATLAB® code to initialize a block mask.

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Block Masks (Simulink)

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