Send Stateflow® objects that carry data and are queued.

In Stateflow, you can send, receive, and forward messages that carry data to communicate between charts. Messages are queued until the receiving chart can process them. You can also send local messages within a chart. You can view the lifeline of messages in the Message Viewer block. For more information, see How Messages Work in Stateflow Charts and Work with Sequence Viewer.


Sequence ViewerDisplay message or events between blocks during simulation


How Messages Work in Stateflow Charts

Messages are objects that can contain data and are queued.

Stateflow Message Syntax in Charts

Syntax to send, evaluate, and forward messages.

Define Messages in a Stateflow Chart

Define input, output, and local messages.

Set Message Properties

Modeling constructs that do not support messages.

Lifetime of a Stateflow Message

Messages are valid for a finite lifetime.

View Differences Between Stateflow Messages, Events, and Data

This example shows the difference in behavior of a Stateflow message compared to events or data.

Work with Sequence Viewer

Use Sequence Viewer to see the interchange of messages.

Queuing Behavior of Stateflow Messages

Set the properties for message queues.

Limitations for Messages

Modeling constructs that do not support messages.

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