Sample Time

Response to continuous and discrete mode changes

Examples and How To

Model Hybrid Systems with Model Logic

Describes the workflow for creating continuous-time charts

Configure a Stateflow Chart to Update in Continuous Time

Explains how to configure Stateflow® charts to use a continuous update method

Define Continuous-Time Variables

Explains how to define continuous-time variables and their derivatives, and expose continuous states to Simulink® models

Model a Bouncing Ball in Continuous Time

Provides a step-by-step tutorial for modeling a bouncing ball in continuous time in a chart


Continuous-Time Modeling in Stateflow

Gives an overview of continuous-time modeling

When to Enable Zero-Crossing Detection

Explains the trade-offs to consider in deciding whether to enable zero-crossing detection

Design Considerations for Continuous-Time Modeling in Stateflow Charts

Describes how to constrain the semantics of your Stateflow chart for modeling continuous-time systems

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