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Saving and Restoring Simulation State

Restarting simulation from nonzero time


What Is a SimState?

Describes what a SimState is

Benefits of Using a Snapshot of the Simulation State

Describes benefits of using a SimState

Methods for Interacting with the SimState of a Chart

Methods you can use to interact with the SimState

Rules for Using the SimState of a Chart

Describes rules for using a SimState

Best Practices for Using the SimState of a Chart

Describes best practices for using a SimState

Divide a Long Simulation into Segments

Describes how to divide a long simulation into segments using a SimState

Test a Unique Chart Configuration

Describes how to test a chart response for a hard-to-reach configuration

Test a Chart with Fault Detection and Redundant Logic

Describes how to test a chart that contains fault detection and redundant logic

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