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State Components

Encapsulation of modal logic


What Is an Atomic Subchart?

Describes what an atomic subchart is

When to Use Atomic Subcharts

Provides a list of scenarios for when to consider using atomic subcharts

Benefits of Using Atomic Subcharts

Describes the benefits of using atomic subcharts

Restrictions for Converting to Atomic Subcharts

Atomic subcharts facilitate the reuse of states and subcharts as standalone objects.

Rules for Using Atomic Subcharts

Describes the rules for using atomic subcharts

Reuse a State Multiple Times in a Chart

Describes an example of reusing a state multiple times in the same chart

Generate Reusable Code for Atomic Subcharts

Describes steps for generating reusable code for atomic subcharts.

Reduce the Compilation Time of a Chart

Describes an example of reducing simulation testing time

Divide a Chart into Separate Units

Describes an example of breaking up a chart for team development

Convert to and from Atomic Subcharts

Describes how to convert between states and atomic subcharts

Map Variables for Atomic Subcharts

Describes how to map variables for atomic subcharts

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