Truth Table Algorithm

Represent combinational logic for decision-making applications such as fault detection and mode switching.


What Is a Truth Table?

Describes the truth tables that Stateflow® truth table functions implement

Language Options for Stateflow Truth Tables

Describes the language options for specifying conditions, actions, and decisions in Stateflow truth tables

How Stateflow Generates Content for Truth Tables

Describes how generated graphical functions implement truth tables

Truth Table Editor Operations

Describes the editing operations you can use in the truth table

When to Use Reusable Functions in Charts

Rationale for specifying function calls in states and transitions

Prevent Algebraic Loop Errors in MATLAB Function and Stateflow Blocks (Simulink)

Adhere to restrictions for using MATLAB Function blocks, Stateflow charts, and Truth Tables in feedback loops.

Represent Combinatorial Logic Using Truth Tables

Describes the recommended steps for building and troubleshooting truth tables

Build Model with Stateflow Truth Table

Shows you how to create a model that calls and executes a Stateflow chart with a truth table

Program a Truth Table

Describes procedures for programming a truth table

Debug a Truth Table

Shows you how to debug a truth table.

Correct Overspecified and Underspecified Truth Tables

Describes over- and underspecified truth tables that error checking detects

Define Temporary Data

Describes how you can define temporary data in graphical, truth table, and MATLAB® functions

Export Stateflow Functions for Reuse

When you export chart-level functions, you extend the scope of your functions to other parts of the model.

Reuse Functions with an Atomic Box

Describes how to instantiate library functions multiple times in model reference blocks of a top model

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