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Action Language Auto Correction

Stateflow® charts that use MATLAB® as the action language will automatically correct the following syntax in the state transition diagrams.

  • Adds brackets [], if missing, to statements that it recognizes as transition conditions.

  • Adds braces{}, if missing, to statements that it recognizes as transition actions.

  • Converts the following C syntax to MATLAB syntax:

    • Increment and decrement operations, such as a++ and a--. For example, a++ is changed to a=a+1.

    • Assignment operations, such as a+=expr, a–=expr, a*=expr, and a/=expr. For example, a+=b is changed to a=a+b.

    • Evaluation operations, such as a!=expr and !a. For example, a!=b is changed to a~=b.

    • Inserts explicit casts for any literal constant assignment. For example, if y is defined as type single, then y=1 is changed to y=single(1).

  • Adds the type entry: to state actions that do not have a specified type.

    For example, the following state action:

    automatically corrects to this:

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