Benefits of Using a Snapshot of the Simulation State

Division of a Long Simulation into Segments

You can save the complete simulation state of a model at any time during a long simulation. Then you can load that simulation state and run specific segments of that simulation without starting from time t = 0, which saves time.

For directions, see Divide a Long Simulation into Segments.

Test of a Chart Response to Different Settings

You can load and modify the simulation state of a chart to test the response to different settings. You can change the value of chart local or output data midway through a simulation or change state activity and then test how a chart responds.

Loading and modifying the simulation state provides these benefits:

  • Enables testing of a hard-to-reach chart configuration by loading a specific simulation state, which promotes thorough testing

  • Enables testing of the same chart configuration with different settings, which promotes reuse of a simulation state

For directions, see:

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