Choose a Procedure to Generate Embeddable Code

Guidelines for Embeddable Code Generation

When you generate embeddable code for a model, use these guidelines to choose the right procedure.

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Optimize generated code

You want to improve readability of the code and reduce the amount of memory storage required.

See Optimize Generated Code.

Include custom code

You want to take advantage of legacy code that augments model capabilities and also include custom variables and functions that you share between your custom code and Stateflow® generated code.

Choose a custom compiler

You use the UNIX® version of Stateflow software or do not wish to use the default lcc compiler.

See Choose a Compiler.

Include custom code only for library charts

You want to provide custom code in a portable, self-contained library for use in multiple models.

Choose the Right Procedure for Embeddable Code Generation

To choose the right procedure for embeddable code generation, find the highlighted block that describes your goal and see the corresponding section in Integrate Custom C/C++ Code for Code Generation.

    Tip   To navigate to the corresponding section, click the block in the flow chart.

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