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Rules for Using Atomic Subcharts

 Define data in an atomic subchart explicitly

 Map variables of linked atomic subcharts

 Match size, type, and complexity of variables in linked atomic subcharts

 Export chart-level functions if called from an atomic subchart

 Do not mix edge-triggered and function-call input events in the same atomic subchart

 Do not map multiple input events in an atomic subchart to the same input event in the container chart

 Do not log signals from atomic subcharts that map variables with different scopes

 Match the trigger type when mapping input events

 Do not use atomic subcharts in continuous-time Stateflow charts

 Do not use Moore charts as atomic subcharts

 Do not use outgoing transitions when an atomic subchart uses top-level local events

 Avoid using execute-at-initialization with atomic subcharts

 Avoid using the names of subsystem parameters in atomic subcharts

 Restrict use of machine-parented data

 Do not change the first index of local data to a nonzero value

 Use consistent settings for super-step semantics

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