Set Properties for an Event

Access Event Properties

You can specify event properties in either the Property Inspector or the Event properties dialog box in the Model Explorer.

  • Property Inspector

    1. Open the Symbols window by selecting View > Symbols.

    2. In the Symbols window, right-click the event and select Inspect.

    3. In the Property Inspector window, edit the event properties.

  • Model Explorer

    1. Double-click the event in the Contents pane.

    2. Edit the event properties in the Model Explorer Event properties dialog box.

Property Fields


Name of the event. Actions reference events by their names. Names must begin with an alphabetic character, cannot include spaces, and cannot be shared by sibling events.


Scope of the event. The scope specifies where the event occurs relative to the parent object. For information about types of scope, see Types of Events.


Property that applies to input and output events.

  • For input events, port is the index of the input signal that triggers the event.

  • For output events, port is the index of the signal that outputs this event.

You assign input and output events to ports in the order in which you add the events. For example, you assign the first input event to input port 1 and the third output event to output port 3.

You can change port assignments in the Model Explorer or the Event properties dialog box. When you change the number of one port, the numbers of other ports adjust automatically to preserve the relative order. See Association of Input Events with Control Signals and Association of Output Events with Output Ports.


Type of signal that triggers an input or output event. See Activate a Stateflow Chart Using Input Events or Activate a Simulink Block Using Output Events.

Debugger Breakpoints

Option for setting debugger breakpoints at the start or end of an event broadcast. Available breakpoints depend on the scope of the event.

Scope of EventAvailable Breakpoints
 Start of BroadcastEnd of Broadcast


Description of this event. You can enter brief descriptions of events in the hierarchy.

Document Link

Link to online documentation for events in a Stateflow® chart. To document a particular event, set the Document Link property to a web URL address or MATLAB® expression that displays documentation in a suitable online format (for example, an HTML file or text in the MATLAB Command Window). When you click the blue Document Link text, the chart evaluates the expression.

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