State Transition Table Diagnostics

You can run diagnostic checks on a state transition table. From the Stateflow® editor, select Chart > Run Diagnostics.

The diagnostics tool statically parses the table to find errors such as:

  • States with no incoming transitions

  • Transition cells with conditions or actions, but no destination

  • Action text in a condition cell

  • States that are unreachable from the default transition

  • Default transition row without unconditional transition

  • Inner transition row execution order mismatches. The inner transition row for a state must specify destination states from left to right in the same order as the corresponding states appear in the table, from top to bottom.

Each error is reported with a hyperlink to the corresponding object causing the error. These checks are also performed during simulation.

See Diagnostics in State Transition Tables for an example on using the diagnostics tool for state transition tables.

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