Traceability of Stateflow Objects in Generated Code

Traceability comments provide a way to:

  • Verify generated code. You can identify which Stateflow® object corresponds to a line of code and keep track of code from different objects that you have or have not reviewed.

  • Include comments in code generated for large-scale models. You can identify objects in generated code and avoid manually entering comments or descriptions.

To enable traceability comments, you must have Embedded Coder® or HDL Coder™ software. For C/C++ code generation, comments appear in the generated code for embedded real-time (ert) based targets only.

For more information about traceability and generated C/C++ code, see Trace Stateflow Elements in Generated Code (Embedded Coder). For more information about traceability and generated HDL code, see Traceability Report (HDL Coder).

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