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Traceability of Stateflow Objects in Generated Code

Traceability comments provide a way to:

  • Verify generated code. You can identify which Stateflow® object corresponds to a line of code and keep track of code from different objects that you have or have not reviewed.

  • Include comments in code generated for large-scale models. You can identify objects in generated code and avoid manually entering comments or descriptions.

To enable traceability comments, you must have Embedded Coder® or HDL Coder™ software. For C/C++ code generation, comments appear in the generated code for embedded real-time (ert) based targets only.

For more information about traceability and generated C/C++ code, see Trace Code to Model Objects by Using Hyperlinks (Embedded Coder) and Trace Model Objects to Generated Code (Embedded Coder). For more information about traceability and generated HDL code, see Traceability Report (HDL Coder).

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