What Is a State Transition Table?

A state transition table is an alternative way of expressing sequential modal logic. Instead of drawing states and transitions graphically in a Stateflow® chart, you express the modal logic in tabular format.

Benefits of using state transition tables include:

  • Ease of modeling train-like state machines, where the modal logic involves transitions from one state to its neighbor

  • Concise, compact format for a state machine

  • Reduced maintenance of graphical objects

    When you add or remove states from a chart, you have to rearrange states, transitions, and junctions. When you add or remove states from a state transition table, you do not have to rearrange any graphical objects.

State transition tables support MATLAB action language. For more information about this action language, see Rules for Using MATLAB as the Action Language.

The following state transition table contains the modal logic for maintaining the temperature of a boiler between two set points:

If you create a Stateflow chart to represent the same modal logic, the chart looks something like this:

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