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Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox Classes

Alphabetical List By Category
BayesianOptimization Bayesian optimization results
BetaDistribution Beta probability distribution object
BinomialDistribution Binomial probability distribution object
BirnbaumSaundersDistribution Birnbaum-Saunders probability distribution object
BurrDistribution Burr probability distribution object
CalinskiHarabaszEvaluation Calinski-Harabasz criterion clustering evaluation object
ClassificationBaggedEnsemble Classification ensemble grown by resampling
ClassificationDiscriminant Discriminant analysis classification
ClassificationECOC Multiclass model for support vector machines or other classifiers
ClassificationEnsemble Ensemble classifier
ClassificationKNN k-nearest neighbor classification
ClassificationLinear Linear model for binary classification of high-dimensional data
ClassificationNaiveBayes Naive Bayes classification
ClassificationPartitionedECOC Cross-validated multiclass model for support vector machines or other classifiers
ClassificationPartitionedEnsemble Cross-validated classification ensemble
ClassificationPartitionedLinear Cross-validated linear model for binary classification of high-dimensional data
ClassificationPartitionedLinearECOC Cross-validated linear error-correcting output codes model for multiclass classification of high-dimensional data
ClassificationPartitionedModel Cross-validated classification model
ClassificationSVM Support vector machine for binary classification
ClassificationTree Binary decision tree for classification
CompactClassificationDiscriminant Compact discriminant analysis class
CompactClassificationECOC Compact multiclass model for support vector machines or other classifiers
CompactClassificationEnsemble Compact classification ensemble class
CompactClassificationNaiveBayes Compact naive Bayes classifier
CompactClassificationSVM Compact support vector machine for binary classification
CompactClassificationTree Compact classification tree
CompactGeneralizedLinearModel Compact generalized linear regression model class
CompactLinearModel Compact linear regression model class
CompactRegressionEnsemble Compact regression ensemble class
CompactRegressionGP Compact Gaussian process regression model class
CompactRegressionSVM Compact support vector machine regression model
CompactRegressionTree Compact regression tree
CompactTreeBagger Compact ensemble of decision trees grown by bootstrap aggregation
cvpartition Data partitions for cross validation
dataset Arrays for statistical data
DaviesBouldinEvaluation Davies-Bouldin criterion clustering evaluation object
ExhaustiveSearcher Exhaustive nearest neighbors searcher
ExponentialDistribution Exponential probability distribution object
ExtremeValueDistribution Extreme value probability distribution object
FeatureSelectionNCAClassification Feature selection for classification using neighborhood component analysis (NCA)
FeatureSelectionNCARegression Feature selection for regression using neighborhood component analysis (NCA)
GammaDistribution Gamma probability distribution object
GapEvaluation Gap criterion clustering evaluation object
GeneralizedExtremeValueDistribution Generalized extreme value probability distribution object
GeneralizedLinearMixedModel Generalized linear mixed-effects model class
GeneralizedLinearModel Generalized linear regression model class
GeneralizedParetoDistribution Generalized Pareto probability distribution object
gmdistribution Gaussian mixture models
HalfNormalDistribution Half-normal probability distribution object
haltonset Halton quasi-random point sets
HamiltonianSampler Hamiltonian Monte Carlo (HMC) sampler
InverseGaussianDistribution Inverse Gaussian probability distribution object
KDTreeSearcher Nearest neighbor search using Kd-tree
KernelDistribution Kernel probability distribution object
LinearMixedModel Linear mixed-effects model class
LinearModel Linear regression model class
LogisticDistribution Logistic probability distribution object
LoglogisticDistribution Loglogistic probability distribution object
LognormalDistribution Lognormal probability distribution object
MultinomialDistribution Multinomial probability distribution object
NakagamiDistribution Nakagami probability distribution object
NegativeBinomialDistribution Negative binomial distribution object
nominal Arrays for nominal data
NonLinearModel Nonlinear regression model class
NormalDistribution Normal probability distribution object
optimizableVariable Variable description for bayesopt or other optimizers
ordinal Arrays for ordinal data
PiecewiseLinearDistribution Piecewise linear probability distribution object
PoissonDistribution Poisson probability distribution object
qrandset Quasi-random point sets
qrandstream Quasi-random number streams
RayleighDistribution Rayleigh probability distribution object
ReconstructionICA Feature extraction by reconstruction ICA
RegressionBaggedEnsemble Regression ensemble grown by resampling
RegressionEnsemble Ensemble regression
RegressionGP Gaussian process regression model class
RegressionLinear Linear regression model for high-dimensional data
RegressionPartitionedEnsemble Cross-validated regression ensemble
RegressionPartitionedLinear Cross-validated linear regression model for high-dimensional data
RegressionPartitionedModel Cross-validated regression model
RegressionSVM Support vector machine regression model
RegressionTree Regression tree
RepeatedMeasuresModel Repeated measures model class
RicianDistribution Rician probability distribution object
SilhouetteEvaluation Silhouette criterion clustering evaluation object
sobolset Sobol quasi-random point sets
SparseFiltering Feature extraction by sparse filtering
StableDistribution Stable probability distribution object
tLocationScaleDistribution t Location-Scale probability distribution object
TreeBagger Bag of decision trees
TriangularDistribution Triangular probability distribution object
UniformDistribution Uniform probability distribution object
WeibullDistribution Weibull probability distribution object
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