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Class: ClassificationDiscriminant

Classification edge by resubstitution


edge = resubEdge(obj)


edge = resubEdge(obj) returns the classification edge obtained by obj on its training data.

Input Arguments


Discriminant analysis classifier, produced using fitcdiscr.

Output Arguments


Classification edge obtained by resubstituting the training data into the calculation of edge.


The edge is the weighted mean value of the classification margin. The weights are the class probabilities in obj.Prior. If you supply weights in the weights name-value pair, those weights are normalized to sum to the prior probabilities in the respective classes, and are then used to compute the weighted average.


The classification margin is the difference between the classification score for the true class and maximal classification score for the false classes. Margin is a column vector with the same number of rows as in the matrix obj.X. A high value of margin indicates a more reliable prediction than a low value.

For discriminant analysis, the score of a classification is the posterior probability of the classification. For the definition of posterior probability in discriminant analysis, see Posterior Probability.


Estimate the quality of a discriminant analysis classifier for the Fisher iris data by resubstitution:

load fisheriris
obj = fitcdiscr(meas,species);
redge = resubEdge(obj)

redge =

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