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classregtree class


Classification and regression trees

Use ClassificationTree and RegressionTree classes instead. This class is superseded by ClassificationTree and RegressionTree classes and is maintained only for backwards compatibility.


classregtreeConstruct classification and regression trees


catsplitCategorical splits used for branches in decision tree
childrenChild nodes
classcountClass counts
classnameClass names for classification decision tree
classprobClass probabilities
cutcategoriesCut categories
cutpointDecision tree cut point values
cuttypeCut types
cutvarCut variable names
dispDisplay classregtree object
displayDisplay classregtree object
evalPredicted responses
isbranchTest node for branch
meansurrvarassocMean predictive measure of association for surrogate splits in decision tree
nodeclassClass values of nodes of classification tree
nodeerrReturn vector of node errors
nodemeanMean values of nodes of regression tree
nodeprobNode probabilities
nodesizeReturn node size
numnodesNumber of nodes
parentParent node
prunePrune tree
prunelistPruning levels for decision tree nodes
riskNode risks
subsasgnSubscripted reference for classregtree object
subsrefSubscripted reference for classregtree object
surrcutcategoriesCategories used for surrogate splits in decision tree
surrcutflipNumeric cutpoint assignments used for surrogate splits in decision tree
surrcutpointCutpoints used for surrogate splits in decision tree
surrcuttypeTypes of surrogate splits used at branches in decision tree
surrcutvarVariables used for surrogate splits in decision tree
surrvarassocPredictive measure of association for surrogate splits in decision tree
testError rate
typeTree type
varimportanceCompute embedded estimates of input feature importance
viewPlot tree


Objects of the classregtree class have no properties accessible by dot indexing, get methods, or set methods. To obtain information about a classregtree object, use the appropriate method.

Copy Semantics

Value. To learn how this affects your use of the class, see Comparing Handle and Value Classes (MATLAB) in the MATLAB® Object-Oriented Programming documentation.

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