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Class: dataset

Set and display properties

The dataset data type might be removed in a future release. To work with heterogeneous data, use the MATLAB® table data type instead. See MATLAB table documentation for more information.


A = set(A,PropertyName,PropertyValue,...)
B = set(A,PropertyName,value)


set(A) displays all properties of the dataset array A and their possible values.

set(A,PropertyName) displays possible values for the property specified by PropertyName.

A = set(A,PropertyName,PropertyValue,...) sets property name/value pairs.

B = set(A,PropertyName,value) returns a dataset array B that is a copy of A, but with the property 'PropertyName' set to the value value.

    Note:   Using set(A,'PropertyName',value) without assigning to a variable does not modify A's properties. Use A = set(A,'PropertyName',value) to modify A.


Create a dataset array from Fisher's iris data and add a description:

load fisheriris
NumObs = size(meas,1);
NameObs = strcat({'Obs'},num2str((1:NumObs)','%-d'));
iris = dataset({nominal(species),'species'},...
iris = set(iris,'Description','Fisher''s Iris Data');
   Description: 'Fisher's Iris Data'
   Units: {}
   DimNames: {'Observations' 'Variables'}
   UserData: []
   ObsNames: {150x1 cell}
   VarNames: {'species' 'SL' 'SW' 'PL' 'PW'}

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