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Open Distribution Fitting app




dfittool opens the Distribution Fitting app or brings focus to the app if it is already open. Use the Distribution Fitting app to import data from the workspace, fit distributions to the data, and display the fitted distribution over plots of the empirical distributions.

dfittool(y) displays the Distribution Fitting app and creates a data set with data specified by the vector y.

dfittool(y,cens) uses the vector cens to specify whether the observation y(j) is censored, (cens(j)==1) and/or observed, exactly (cens(j)==0). If cens is omitted or empty, no y values are censored.

dfittool(y,cens,freq) uses the vector freq to specify the frequency of each element of y. If freq is omitted or empty, all y values have a frequency of 1.

dfittool(y,cens,freq,dsname) creates a data set with the name dsname using the data vector y, censoring indicator cens, and frequency vector freq.

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