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Statistics Toolbox Examples

Probability Distributions

Simulating Dependent Random Variables Using CopulasScript

Fitting Distributions to Data

Analyzing Survival or Reliability DataScript
Fitting Custom Univariate DistributionsScript
Fitting Custom Univariate Distributions, Part 2Script
Nonparametric Estimates of Cumulative Distribution Functions and Their InversesScript
Modelling Tail Data with the Generalized Pareto DistributionScript
Modelling Data with the Generalized Extreme Value DistributionScript
Curve Fitting and Distribution FittingScript
Fitting a Univariate Distribution Using Cumulative ProbabilitiesScript

Multivariate Analysis

Visualizing Multivariate DataScript
Selecting Features for Classifying High-dimensional DataScript
Cluster AnalysisScript
Factor AnalysisScript
Classical Multidimensional ScalingScript
Non-Classical Multidimensional ScalingScript
Fitting an Orthogonal Regression Using Principal Components AnalysisScript


Credit Rating by Bagging Decision TreesScript


Fitting Data with Generalized Linear ModelsScript
Bayesian Analysis for a Logistic Regression ModelScript
Time Series Regression of Airline Passenger DataScript
Weighted Nonlinear RegressionScript
Partial Least Squares Regression and Principal Components RegressionScript
Pitfalls in Fitting Nonlinear Models by Transforming to LinearityScript

Hypothesis Testing

Selecting a Sample SizeScript
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