Exploration and Visualization

Plot distribution functions, interactively fit distributions, create plots, and generate random numbers


Distribution Fitting Fit probability distributions to data


dfittool Open Distribution Fitting app
disttool Interactive density and distribution plots
fsurfht Interactive contour plot
randtool Interactive random number generation
surfht Interactive contour plot
boxplot Box plot
cdfplot Empirical cumulative distribution function plot
ecdf Empirical cumulative distribution function
ecdfhist Histogram based on empirical cumulative distribution function
hist3 Bivariate histogram
histfit Histogram with a distribution fit
ksdensity Kernel smoothing function estimate
normplot Normal probability plot
normspec Normal density plot between specifications
probplot Probability plots
qqplot Quantile-quantile plot
scatterhist Scatter plot with marginal histograms
wblplot Weibull probability plot
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