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Explore the Probability Distribution Function UI

The Probability Distribution Function user interface (UI) interactively displays the influence of parameter changes on the shapes of the pdfs and cdfs of supported Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox™ distributions.

Run the user interface by typing disttool at the command line.

Start by selecting a distribution. Then choose the function type: probability density function (pdf) or cumulative distribution function (cdf).

After the plot appears, you can

  • Calculate a new function value by

    • Typing a new x value in the text box on the x-axis

    • Dragging the vertical reference line.

    • Clicking in the figure where you want the line to be.

    The new function value appears in the text box to the left of the plot.

  • For cdf plots, find critical values corresponding to a specific probability by typing the desired probability in the text box on the y-axis or by dragging the horizontal reference line.

  • Use the controls at the bottom of the window to set parameter values for the distribution and to change their upper and lower bounds.

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