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Functions in Statistics Toolbox

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addedvarplot Added variable plot
addK Evaluate additional numbers of clusters
addlevels Add levels to categorical array
addTerms Add terms to generalized linear model
addTerms Add terms to linear regression model
adtest Anderson-Darling test
andrewsplot Andrews plot
anova Analysis of variance for linear mixed-effects model
anova Analysis of variance for linear model
anova Analysis of variance for between-subject effects
anova1 One-way analysis of variance
anova2 Two-way analysis of variance
anovan N-way analysis of variance
ansaribradley Ansari-Bradley test
aoctool Interactive analysis of covariance
barttest Bartlett's test
bbdesign Box-Behnken design
betacdf Beta cumulative distribution function
betafit Beta parameter estimates
betainv Beta inverse cumulative distribution function
betalike Beta negative log-likelihood
betapdf Beta probability density function
betarnd Beta random numbers
betastat Beta mean and variance
binocdf Binomial cumulative distribution function
binofit Binomial parameter estimates
binoinv Binomial inverse cumulative distribution function
binopdf Binomial probability density function
binornd Binomial random numbers
binostat Binomial mean and variance
biplot Biplot
bootci Bootstrap confidence interval
bootstrp Bootstrap sampling
boxplot Box plot
candexch D-optimal design from candidate set using row exchanges
candgen Candidate set generation
canoncorr Canonical correlation
capability Process capability indices
capaplot Process capability plot
caseread Read case names from file
casewrite Write case names to file
ccdesign Central composite design
cdf Cumulative distribution function of probability distribution object
cdf Cumulative distribution functions
cdfplot Empirical cumulative distribution function plot
cell2dataset Convert cell array to dataset array
chi2cdf Chi-square cumulative distribution function
chi2gof Chi-square goodness-of-fit test
chi2inv Chi-square inverse cumulative distribution function
chi2pdf Chi-square probability density function
chi2rnd Chi-square random numbers
chi2stat Chi-square mean and variance
cholcov Cholesky-like covariance decomposition
ClassificationBaggedEnsemble Classification ensemble grown by resampling
ClassificationDiscriminant Discriminant analysis classification Fit discriminant analysis classifier (to be removed)
ClassificationDiscriminant.make Construct discriminant analysis classifier from parameters (to be removed)
ClassificationDiscriminant.template Discriminant analysis classifier template for ensemble (to be removed)
ClassificationEnsemble Ensemble classifier
ClassificationKNN k-nearest neighbor classification Fit k-nearest neighbor classifier (to be removed)
ClassificationKNN.template k-nearest neighbor classifier template for ensemble (to be removed)
ClassificationPartitionedEnsemble Cross-validated classification ensemble
ClassificationPartitionedModel Cross-validated classification model
ClassificationSVM Support vector machine for binary classification
ClassificationTree Binary decision tree for classification Fit classification tree (to be removed)
ClassificationTree.template Create classification template (to be removed)
classify Discriminant analysis
classregtree Classification and regression trees
cluster Construct clusters from Gaussian mixture distribution
cluster Construct agglomerative clusters from linkages
clusterdata Agglomerative clusters from data
clustering.evaluation.CalinskiHarabaszEvaluation Calinski-Harabasz criterion clustering evaluation object
clustering.evaluation.DaviesBouldinEvaluation Davies-Bouldin criterion clustering evaluation object
clustering.evaluation.GapEvaluation Gap criterion clustering evaluation object
clustering.evaluation.SilhouetteEvaluation Silhouette criterion clustering evaluation object
cmdscale Classical multidimensional scaling
coefCI Confidence intervals of coefficient estimates of generalized linear model
coefCI Confidence intervals for coefficients of linear mixed-effects model
coefCI Confidence intervals of coefficient estimates of linear model
coefCI Confidence intervals of coefficient estimates of nonlinear regression model
coefTest Linear hypothesis test on generalized linear regression model coefficients
coefTest Hypothesis test on fixed and random effects of linear mixed-effects model
coefTest Linear hypothesis test on linear regression model coefficients
coefTest Linear hypothesis test on nonlinear regression model coefficients
coeftest Linear hypothesis test on coefficients of repeated measures model
combnk Enumeration of combinations
compact Compact clustering evaluation object
CompactClassificationDiscriminant Compact discriminant analysis class
CompactClassificationEnsemble Compact classification ensemble class
CompactClassificationSVM Compact support vector machine for binary classification
CompactClassificationTree Compact classification tree
CompactRegressionEnsemble Compact regression ensemble class
CompactRegressionTree Compact regression tree
CompactTreeBagger Compact ensemble of decision trees grown by bootstrap aggregation
compare Compare linear mixed-effects models
confusionmat Confusion matrix
controlchart Shewhart control charts
controlrules Western Electric and Nelson control rules
cophenet Cophenetic correlation coefficient
copulacdf Copula cumulative distribution function
copulafit Fit copula to data
copulaparam Copula parameters as function of rank correlation
copulapdf Copula probability density function
copularnd Copula random numbers
copulastat Copula rank correlation
cordexch Coordinate exchange
corr Linear or rank correlation
corrcov Convert covariance matrix to correlation matrix
covarianceParameters Extract covariance parameters of linear mixed-effects model
coxphfit Cox proportional hazards regression
createns Create object to use in k-nearest neighbors search
crosstab Cross-tabulation
crossval Loss estimate using cross validation
cvpartition Data partitions for cross validation
datasample Randomly sample from data, with or without replacement
dataset Arrays for statistical data
dataset2cell Convert dataset array to cell array
dataset2struct Convert dataset array to structure
dataset2table Convert dataset array to table
datasetfun Apply function to dataset array variables
daugment D-optimal augmentation
dcovary D-optimal design with fixed covariates
dendrogram Dendrogram plot
designMatrix Fixed- and random-effects design matrices
devianceTest Analysis of deviance
dfittool Open Distribution Fitting app
disp Display generalized linear regression model
disp Display linear mixed-effects model
disp Display linear regression model
disp Display nonlinear regression model
disttool Interactive density and distribution plots
droplevels Drop levels
dummyvar Create dummy variables
dwtest Durbin-Watson test of linear model
dwtest Durbin-Watson test
ecdf Empirical cumulative distribution function
ecdfhist Histogram based on empirical cumulative distribution function
epsilon Epsilon adjustment for repeated measures anova
evalclusters Evaluate clustering solutions
evcdf Extreme value cumulative distribution function
evfit Extreme value parameter estimates
evinv Extreme value inverse cumulative distribution function
evlike Extreme value negative log-likelihood
evpdf Extreme value probability density function
evrnd Extreme value random numbers
evstat Extreme value mean and variance
ExhaustiveSearcher Nearest neighbors search using exhaustive search
expcdf Exponential cumulative distribution function
expfit Exponential parameter estimates
expinv Exponential inverse cumulative distribution function
explike Exponential negative log-likelihood
export Write dataset array to file
exppdf Exponential probability density function
exprnd Exponential random numbers
expstat Exponential mean and variance
factoran Factor analysis
fcdf F cumulative distribution function
feval Evaluate generalized linear regression model prediction
feval Evaluate linear regression model prediction
feval Evaluate nonlinear regression model prediction
ff2n Two-level full factorial design
finv F inverse cumulative distribution function
fit Create Naive Bayes classifier object by fitting training data
fitcdiscr Fit discriminant analysis classifier
fitcknn Fit k-nearest neighbor classifier
fitcsvm Train binary support vector machine classifier
fitctree Fit classification tree
fitdist Fit probability distribution object to data
fitensemble Fitted ensemble for classification or regression
fitglm Create generalized linear regression model
fitgmdist Fit Gaussian mixture distribution to data
fitlm Create linear regression model
fitlme Fit linear mixed-effects model
fitlmematrix Fit linear mixed-effects model
fitNaiveBayes Train naive Bayes classifier
fitnlm Fit nonlinear regression model
fitrm Fit repeated measures model
fitrtree Binary decision tree for regression
fitSVMPosterior Fit posterior probabilities
fitted Fitted responses from a linear mixed-effects model
fixedEffects Estimates of fixed effects and related statistics
fpdf F probability density function
fracfact Fractional factorial design
fracfactgen Fractional factorial design generators
friedman Friedman's test
frnd F random numbers
fstat F mean and variance
fsurfht Interactive contour plot
fullfact Full factorial design
gagerr Gage repeatability and reproducibility study
gamcdf Gamma cumulative distribution function
gamfit Gamma parameter estimates
gaminv Gamma inverse cumulative distribution function
gamlike Gamma negative log-likelihood
gampdf Gamma probability density function
gamrnd Gamma random numbers
gamstat Gamma mean and variance
GeneralizedLinearModel Generalized linear regression model class Create generalized linear regression model
GeneralizedLinearModel.stepwise Create generalized linear regression model by stepwise regression
geocdf Geometric cumulative distribution function
geoinv Geometric inverse cumulative distribution function
geomean Geometric mean
geopdf Geometric probability density function
geornd Geometric random numbers
geostat Geometric mean and variance
getlabels Access categorical array labels
getlevels Get categorical array levels
gevcdf Generalized extreme value cumulative distribution function
gevfit Generalized extreme value parameter estimates
gevinv Generalized extreme value inverse cumulative distribution function
gevlike Generalized extreme value negative log-likelihood
gevpdf Generalized extreme value probability density function
gevrnd Generalized extreme value random numbers
gevstat Generalized extreme value mean and variance
gline Interactively add line to plot
glmfit Generalized linear model regression
glmval Generalized linear model values
glyphplot Glyph plot
gmdistribution Gaussian mixture models Gaussian mixture parameter estimates
gname Add case names to plot
gpcdf Generalized Pareto cumulative distribution function
gpfit Generalized Pareto parameter estimates
gpinv Generalized Pareto inverse cumulative distribution function
gplike Generalized Pareto negative log-likelihood
gplotmatrix Matrix of scatter plots by group
gppdf Generalized Pareto probability density function
gprnd Generalized Pareto random numbers
gpstat Generalized Pareto mean and variance
grp2idx Create index vector from grouping variable
grpstats Compute descriptive statistics of repeated measures data by group
grpstats Summary statistics organized by group
gscatter Scatter plot by group
haltonset Halton quasi-random point sets
harmmean Harmonic mean
hist3 Bivariate histogram
histfit Histogram with a distribution fit
hmmdecode Hidden Markov model posterior state probabilities
hmmestimate Hidden Markov model parameter estimates from emissions and states
hmmgenerate Hidden Markov model states and emissions
hmmtrain Hidden Markov model parameter estimates from emissions
hmmviterbi Hidden Markov model most probable state path
hougen Hougen-Watson model
hygecdf Hypergeometric cumulative distribution function
hygeinv Hypergeometric inverse cumulative distribution function
hygepdf Hypergeometric probability density function
hygernd Hypergeometric random numbers
hygestat Hypergeometric mean and variance
icdf Inverse cumulative distribution function of probability distribution object
icdf Inverse cumulative distribution functions
inconsistent Inconsistency coefficient
increaseB Increase reference data sets
interactionplot Interaction plot for grouped data
invpred Inverse prediction
iqr Interquartile range of probability distribution object
iqr Interquartile range
islevel Test for levels
ismissing Find dataset array elements with missing values
isundefined Test for undefined elements
iwishrnd Inverse Wishart random numbers
jackknife Jackknife sampling
jbtest Jarque-Bera test
johnsrnd Johnson system random numbers
join Merge observations
KDTreeSearcher Nearest neighbors search using kd-tree
kmeans K-means clustering
knnsearch Find k-nearest neighbors using data
kruskalwallis Kruskal-Wallis test
ksdensity Kernel smoothing function estimate
kstest One-sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov test
kstest2 Two-sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov test
kurtosis Kurtosis
lasso Regularized least-squares regression using lasso or elastic net algorithms
lassoglm Lasso or elastic net regularization for generalized linear model regression
lassoPlot Trace plot of lasso fit
levelcounts Element counts by level
leverage Leverage
lhsdesign Latin hypercube sample
lhsnorm Latin hypercube sample from normal distribution
lillietest Lilliefors test
LinearMixedModel Linear mixed-effects model class Fit linear mixed-effects model using tables
LinearMixedModel.fitmatrix Fit linear mixed-effects model using design matrices
LinearModel Linear regression model class Create linear regression model
LinearModel.stepwise Create linear regression model by stepwise regression
linhyptest Linear hypothesis test
linkage Agglomerative hierarchical cluster tree
logncdf Lognormal cumulative distribution function
lognfit Lognormal parameter estimates
logninv Lognormal inverse cumulative distribution function
lognlike Lognormal negative log-likelihood
lognpdf Lognormal probability density function
lognrnd Lognormal random numbers
lognstat Lognormal mean and variance
lsline Add least-squares line to scatter plot
mad Mean or median absolute deviation
mahal Mahalanobis distance
maineffectsplot Main effects plot for grouped data
makecdiscr Construct discriminant analysis classifier from parameters
makedist Create probability distribution object
manova Multivariate analysis of variance
manova1 One-way multivariate analysis of variance
manovacluster Dendrogram of group mean clusters following MANOVA
margmean Estimate marginal means
mat2dataset Convert matrix to dataset array
mauchly Mauchly's test for sphericity
mdscale Nonclassical multidimensional scaling
mean Mean of probability distribution object
mean Mean of probability distribution object
mean Mean of probability distribution object
median Median of probability distribution object
mergelevels Merge levels
mhsample Metropolis-Hastings sample
mle Maximum likelihood estimates
mlecov Asymptotic covariance of maximum likelihood estimators
mnpdf Multinomial probability density function
mnrfit Multinomial logistic regression
mnrnd Multinomial random numbers
mnrval Multinomial logistic regression values
moment Central moments
multcompare Multiple comparison of estimated marginal means
multcompare Multiple comparison test
multivarichart Multivari chart for grouped data
mvncdf Multivariate normal cumulative distribution function
mvnpdf Multivariate normal probability density function
mvnrnd Multivariate normal random numbers
mvregress Multivariate linear regression
mvregresslike Negative log-likelihood for multivariate regression
mvtcdf Multivariate t cumulative distribution function
mvtpdf Multivariate t probability density function
mvtrnd Multivariate t random numbers
NaiveBayes Flag for non-empty classes
nancov Covariance ignoring NaN values
nanmax Maximum ignoring NaN values
nanmean Mean ignoring NaN values
nanmedian Median ignoring NaN values
nanmin Minimum ignoring NaN values
nanstd Standard deviation ignoring NaN values
nansum Sum ignoring NaN values
nanvar Variance, ignoring NaN values
nbincdf Negative binomial cumulative distribution function
nbinfit Negative binomial parameter estimates
nbininv Negative binomial inverse cumulative distribution function
nbinpdf Negative binomial probability density function
nbinrnd Negative binomial random numbers
nbinstat Negative binomial mean and variance
ncfcdf Noncentral F cumulative distribution function
ncfinv Noncentral F inverse cumulative distribution function
ncfpdf Noncentral F probability density function
ncfrnd Noncentral F random numbers
ncfstat Noncentral F mean and variance
nctcdf Noncentral t cumulative distribution function
nctinv Noncentral t inverse cumulative distribution function
nctpdf Noncentral t probability density function
nctrnd Noncentral t random numbers
nctstat Noncentral t mean and variance
ncx2cdf Noncentral chi-square cumulative distribution function
ncx2inv Noncentral chi-square inverse cumulative distribution function
ncx2pdf Noncentral chi-square probability density function
ncx2rnd Noncentral chi-square random numbers
ncx2stat Noncentral chi-square mean and variance
negloglik Negative loglikelihood
negloglik Negative loglikelihood of probability distribution object
nlinfit Nonlinear regression
nlintool Interactive nonlinear regression
nlmefit Nonlinear mixed-effects estimation
nlmefitsa Fit nonlinear mixed-effects model with stochastic EM algorithm
nlparci Nonlinear regression parameter confidence intervals
nlpredci Nonlinear regression prediction confidence intervals
nnmf Nonnegative matrix factorization
nominal Arrays for nominal categorical data
NonLinearModel Nonlinear regression model class Fit nonlinear regression model
normcdf Normal cumulative distribution function
normfit Normal parameter estimates
norminv Normal inverse cumulative distribution function
normlike Normal negative log-likelihood
normpdf Normal probability density function
normplot Normal probability plot
normrnd Normal random numbers
normspec Normal density plot between specifications
normstat Normal mean and variance
optimalleaforder Optimal leaf ordering for hierarchical clustering
ordinal Arrays for ordinal categorical data
parallelcoords Parallel coordinates plot
paramci Confidence intervals for probability distribution parameters
paretotails Empirical distributions with Pareto tails
partialcorr Linear or rank partial correlation coefficients
partialcorri Partial correlation coefficients adjusted for internal variables
pca Principal component analysis of raw data
pcacov Principal component analysis on covariance matrix
pcares Residuals from principal component analysis
pdf Probability density function of probability distribution object
pdf Probability density functions
pdist Pairwise distance between pairs of objects
pdist2 Pairwise distance between two sets of observations
pearsrnd Pearson system random numbers
perfcurve Compute Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) curve or other performance curve for classifier output
plot Plot clustering evaluation object criterion values
plot Scatter plot or added variable plot of linear model
plot Plot data with optional grouping
plotAdded Added variable plot or leverage plot for linear model
plotAdjustedResponse Adjusted response plot for linear regression model
plotDiagnostics Plot diagnostics of generalized linear regression model
plotDiagnostics Plot diagnostics of linear regression model
plotDiagnostics Plot diagnostics of nonlinear regression model
plotEffects Plot main effects of each predictor in linear regression model
plotInteraction Plot interaction effects of two predictors in linear regression model
plotprofile Plot expected marginal means with optional grouping
plotResiduals Plot residuals of generalized linear regression model
plotResiduals Plot residuals of linear mixed-effects model
plotResiduals Plot residuals of linear regression model
plotResiduals Plot residuals of nonlinear regression model
plotSlice Plot of slices through fitted generalized linear regression surface
plotSlice Plot of slices through fitted linear regression surface
plotSlice Plot of slices through fitted nonlinear regression surface
plsregress Partial least-squares regression
poisscdf Poisson cumulative distribution function
poissfit Poisson parameter estimates
poissinv Poisson inverse cumulative distribution function
poisspdf Poisson probability density function
poissrnd Poisson random numbers
poisstat Poisson mean and variance
polyconf Polynomial confidence intervals
polytool Interactive polynomial fitting
posterior Posterior probabilities of components
ppca Probabilistic principal component analysis
prctile Percentiles of a data set
predict Predict classification
predict Predict classification
predict Predict classification
predict Predict response of regression tree
predict Predict response of generalized linear regression model
predict Predict response of linear mixed-effects model
predict Predict response of linear regression model
predict Predict class label for test data
predict Predict response of nonlinear regression model
predict Compute predicted values given predictor values
princomp Principal component analysis (PCA) on data
prob.KernelDistribution Kernel probability distribution object
prob.MultinomialDistribution Multinomial probability distribution object
prob.PiecewiseLinearDistribution Piecewise linear probability distribution object
prob.TriangularDistribution Triangular probability distribution object
prob.BetaDistribution Beta probability distribution object
prob.BinomialDistribution Binomial probability distribution object
prob.BirnbaumSaundersDistribution Birnbaum-Saunders probability distribution object
prob.BurrDistribution Burr probability distribution object
prob.ExponentialDistribution Exponential probability distribution object
prob.ExtremeValueDistribution Extreme value probability distribution object
prob.GammaDistribution Gamma probability distribution object
prob.GeneralizedExtremeValueDistribution Generalized extreme value probability distribution object
prob.GeneralizedParetoDistribution Generalized Pareto probability distribution object
prob.InverseGaussianDistribution Inverse Gaussian probability distribution object
prob.LogisticDistribution Logistic probability distribution object
prob.LoglogisticDistribution Loglogistic probability distribution object
prob.LognormalDistribution Lognormal probability distribution object
prob.NakagamiDistribution Nakagami probability distribution object
prob.NegativeBinomialDistribution Negative binomial distribution object
prob.NormalDistribution Normal probability distribution object
prob.PoissonDistribution Poisson probability distribution object
prob.RayleighDistribution Rayleigh probability distribution object
prob.RicianDistribution Rician probability distribution object
prob.tLocationScaleDistribution t Location-Scale probability distribution object
prob.UniformDistribution Uniform probability distribution object
prob.WeibullDistribution Weibull probability distribution object
ProbDistUnivKernel Object representing univariate kernel probability distribution
ProbDistUnivParam Object representing univariate parametric probability distribution
probplot Probability plots
procrustes Procrustes analysis
proflik Profile likelihood function for probability distribution object
qqplot Quantile-quantile plot
qrandset Quasi-random point sets
qrandstream Quasi-random number streams
quantile Quantiles of a data set
randg Gamma random numbers with unit scale
random Simulate responses for generalized linear regression model
random Generate random responses from fitted linear mixed-effects model
random Simulate responses for linear regression model
random Simulate responses for nonlinear regression model
random Generate random numbers from probability distribution object
random Generate new random response values given predictor values
random Random numbers
randomEffects Estimates of random effects and related statistics
randsample Random sample
randtool Interactive random number generation
range Range of values
rangesearch Find all neighbors within specified distance
ranksum Wilcoxon rank sum test
ranova Repeated measures analysis of variance
raylcdf Rayleigh cumulative distribution function
raylfit Rayleigh parameter estimates
raylinv Rayleigh inverse cumulative distribution function
raylpdf Rayleigh probability density function
raylrnd Rayleigh random numbers
raylstat Rayleigh mean and variance
rcoplot Residual case order plot
refcurve Add reference curve to plot
refline Add reference line to plot
regress Multiple linear regression
RegressionBaggedEnsemble Regression ensemble grown by resampling
RegressionEnsemble Ensemble regression
RegressionPartitionedEnsemble Cross-validated regression ensemble
RegressionPartitionedModel Cross-validated regression model Binary decision tree for regression (to be removed)
RegressionTree Regression tree
RegressionTree.template Create regression template (to be removed)
regstats Regression diagnostics
relieff Importance of attributes (predictors) using ReliefF algorithm
removeTerms Remove terms from generalized linear model
removeTerms Remove terms from linear model
RepeatedMeasuresModel Repeated measures model class
residuals Residuals of fitted linear mixed-effects model
response Response vector of the linear mixed-effects model
ridge Ridge regression
robustdemo Interactive robust regression
robustfit Robust regression
rotatefactors Rotate factor loadings
rowexch Row exchange
rsmdemo Interactive response surface demonstration
rstool Interactive response surface modeling
runstest Run test for randomness
sampsizepwr Sample size and power of test
scatterhist Scatter plot with marginal histograms
sequentialfs Sequential feature selection
setlabels Label levels
signrank Wilcoxon signed rank test
signtest Sign test
silhouette Silhouette plot
skewness Skewness
slicesample Slice sampler
sobolset Sobol quasi-random point sets
squareform Format distance matrix
statget Access values in statistics options structure
statset Create statistics options structure
std Standard deviation of probability distribution object
std Standard deviation of probability distribution object
std Standard deviation of probability distribution object
step Improve generalized linear regression model by adding or removing terms
step Improve linear regression model by adding or removing terms
stepwise Interactive stepwise regression
stepwisefit Stepwise regression
stepwiseglm Create generalized linear regression model by stepwise regression
stepwiselm Create linear regression model using stepwise regression
struct2dataset Convert structure array to dataset array
surfht Interactive contour plot
svmclassify Classify using support vector machine (SVM)
svmtrain Train support vector machine classifier
table2dataset Convert table to dataset array
tabulate Frequency table
tblread Read tabular data from file
tblwrite Write tabular data to file
tcdf Student's t cumulative distribution function
tdfread Read tab-delimited file
templateDiscriminant Discriminant analysis classifier template for ensemble
templateKNN k-nearest neighbor classifier template for ensemble
templateTree Create classification template
tiedrank Rank adjusted for ties
tinv Student's t inverse cumulative distribution function
tpdf Student's t probability density function
TreeBagger Names of classes
trimmean Mean excluding outliers
trnd Student's t random numbers
truncate Truncate probability distribution object
tstat Student's t mean and variance
ttest One-sample and paired-sample t-test
ttest2 Two-sample t-test
unidcdf Discrete uniform cumulative distribution function
unidinv Discrete uniform inverse cumulative distribution function
unidpdf Discrete uniform probability density function
unidrnd Discrete uniform random numbers
unidstat Discrete uniform mean and variance
unifcdf Continuous uniform cumulative distribution function
unifinv Continuous uniform inverse cumulative distribution function
unifit Continuous uniform parameter estimates
unifpdf Continuous uniform probability density function
unifrnd Continuous uniform random numbers
unifstat Continuous uniform mean and variance
var Variance of probability distribution object
var Variance of probability distribution object
var Variance of probability distribution object
vartest Chi-square variance test
vartest2 Two-sample F-test for equal variances
vartestn Multiple-sample tests for equal variances
wblcdf Weibull cumulative distribution function
wblfit Weibull parameter estimates
wblinv Weibull inverse cumulative distribution function
wbllike Weibull negative log-likelihood
wblpdf Weibull probability density function
wblplot Weibull probability plot
wblrnd Weibull random numbers
wblstat Weibull mean and variance
wishrnd Wishart random numbers
x2fx Convert predictor matrix to design matrix
xlsread Read Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file
xptread Create table from data stored in SAS XPORT format file
zscore Standardized z-scores
ztest z-test
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