Class: gmdistribution

Cumulative distribution function for Gaussian mixture distribution


y = cdf(obj,X)


y = cdf(obj,X) returns a vector y of length n containing the values of the cumulative distribution function (cdf) for the gmdistribution object obj, evaluated at the n-by-d data matrix X, where n is the number of observations and d is the dimension of the data. obj is an object created by gmdistribution or fitgmdist. y(I) is the cdf of observation I.


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Plot a Gaussian Mixture CDF

Create a gmdistribution object defining a two-component mixture of bivariate Gaussian distributions.

MU = [1 2;-3 -5];
SIGMA = cat(3,[2 0;0 .5],[1 0;0 1]);
p = ones(1,2)/2;
obj = gmdistribution(MU,SIGMA,p);

ezsurf(@(x,y)cdf(obj,[x y]),[-10 10],[-10 10])

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