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Harmonic mean


m = harmmean(X)


m = harmmean(X) calculates the harmonic mean of a sample. For vectors, harmmean(x) is the harmonic mean of the elements in x. For matrices, harmmean(X) is a row vector containing the harmonic means of each column. For N-dimensional arrays, harmmean operates along the first nonsingleton dimension of X.

harmmean(X,dim) takes the harmonic mean along dimension dim of X.

The harmonic mean is


The arithmetic mean is greater than or equal to the harmonic mean.

x = exprnd(1,10,6);

harmonic = harmmean(x)
harmonic =
  0.3382  0.3200  0.3710  0.0540  0.4936  0.0907

average = mean(x)
average =
  1.3509  1.1583  0.9741  0.5319  1.0088  0.8122

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