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Class: LinearModel

Durbin-Watson test of linear model


P = dwtest(mdl)
[P,DW] = dwtest(mdl)
[P,DW] = dwtest(mdl,method)
[P,DW] = dwtest(mdl,method,tail)


P = dwtest(mdl) returns the p-value of the Durbin-Watson test on the mdl linear model.

[P,DW] = dwtest(mdl) also returns the Durbin-Watson statistic, DW.

[P,DW] = dwtest(mdl,method) specifies the method dwtest uses to compute the p-value.

[P,DW] = dwtest(mdl,method,tail) specifies the alternative hypothesis.

Input Arguments

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Full, fitted linear regression model, specified as a LinearModel object constructed using fitlm or stepwiselm.

Algorithm for computing the p-value, specified as one of the following:

  • 'exact' — Calculates an exact p-value using Pan's algorithm.

  • 'approximate' — Calculates the p-value using a normal approximation.

The default is 'exact' when the sample size is less than 400, 'approximate' otherwise.

Alternative hypothesis to test, specified as one of the following:

TailAlternative Hypothesis

Serial correlation is not 0.


Serial correlation is greater than 0 (right-tailed test).


Serial correlation is less than 0 (left-tailed test).

dwtest tests whether mdl has no serial correlation against the specified alternative hypotheses.

Output Arguments

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p-value of the test, returned as a numeric value. dwtest tests if the residuals are uncorrelated, against the alternative that there is autocorrelation among them. Small values of P indicate that the residuals are correlated.

Durbin-Watson statistic, returned as a numeric value.


Durbin-Watson Statistic

Let r be the vector of residuals (in mdl.residuals.response). The Durbin-Watson statistic is



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Examine whether the residuals from a fitted model of census data over time have autocorrelated residuals.

Load the census data and create a linear model.

load census
mdl = fitlm(cdate,pop);

Find the $p$-value of the Durbin-Watson autocorrelation test.

P = dwtest(mdl)
P =


There is significant autocorrelation in the residuals.


Approximate calculation of the p-value uses a normal approximation [1]. Exact calculation uses Pan's algorithm [2].


[1] Durbin, J., and G. S. Watson. Testing for Serial Correlation in Least Squares Regression I. Biometrika 37, pp. 409–428, 1950.

[2] Farebrother, R. W. Pan's Procedure for the Tail Probabilities of the Durbin-Watson Statistic. Applied Statistics 29, pp. 224–227, 1980.

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