Dendrogram of group mean clusters following MANOVA


H = manovacluster(stats,method)


manovacluster(stats) generates a dendrogram plot of the group means after a multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA). stats is the output stats structure from manova1. The clusters are computed by applying the single linkage method to the matrix of Mahalanobis distances between group means.

See dendrogram for more information on the graphical output from this function. The dendrogram is most useful when the number of groups is large.

manovacluster(stats,method) uses the specified method in place of single linkage. method can be any of the following character strings that identify ways to create the cluster hierarchy. (See linkage for additional information.)



Shortest distance (default)


Largest distance


Average distance


Centroid distance


Incremental sum of squares

H = manovacluster(stats,method) returns a vector of handles to the lines in the figure.


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Dendrogram of Group Means After MANOVA

Load the sample data.

load carbig

Define the variable matrix.

X = [MPG Acceleration Weight Displacement];

Perform one-way MANOVA to compare the means of MPG, Acceleration, Weight,and Displacement grouped by Origin.

[d,p,stats] = manova1(X,Origin);

Create a dendrogram plot of the group means.


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