Model Assessment

Plots and diagnostic statistics


LinearModel Linear regression model class


fitlm Create linear regression model
stepwiselm Create linear regression model using stepwise regression
anova Analysis of variance for linear model
coefCI Confidence intervals of coefficient estimates of linear model
coefTest Linear hypothesis test on linear regression model coefficients
dwtest Durbin-Watson test of linear model
plot Scatter plot or added variable plot of linear model
plotAdded Added variable plot or leverage plot for linear model
plotAdjustedResponse Adjusted response plot for linear regression model
plotDiagnostics Plot diagnostics of linear regression model
plotEffects Plot main effects of each predictor in linear regression model
plotInteraction Plot interaction effects of two predictors in linear regression model
plotResiduals Plot residuals of linear regression model
plotSlice Plot of slices through fitted linear regression surface
leverage Leverage
regstats Regression diagnostics
addedvarplot Added variable plot
gline Interactively add line to plot
lsline Add least-squares line to scatter plot
rcoplot Residual case order plot
refcurve Add reference curve to plot
refline Add reference line to plot
linhyptest Linear hypothesis test

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