Negative Binomial Distribution

Fit parameters of the negative binomial distribution to data, evaluate the distribution or its inverse, generate pseudorandom samples


makedist Create probability distribution object
fitdist Fit probability distribution object to data
dfittool Open Distribution Fitting app
cdf Cumulative distribution functions
icdf Inverse cumulative distribution functions
iqr Interquartile range
mean Mean of probability distribution
median Median of probability distribution
negloglik Negative log likelihood of probability distribution
paramci Confidence intervals for probability distribution parameters
pdf Probability density functions
proflik Profile likelihood function for probability distribution
random Random numbers
std Standard deviation of probability distribution
truncate Truncate probability distribution object
var Variance of probability distribution
nbincdf Negative binomial cumulative distribution function
nbinpdf Negative binomial probability density function
nbininv Negative binomial inverse cumulative distribution function
nbinstat Negative binomial mean and variance
nbinfit Negative binomial parameter estimates
nbinrnd Negative binomial random numbers
random Random numbers

Using Objects

NegativeBinomialDistribution Negative binomial distribution object
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