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Piecewise Linear Distribution

Evaluate and generate random samples from piecewise linear distribution


makedist Create probability distribution object
paretotails Empirical distributions with Pareto tails
cdf Cumulative distribution functions
icdf Inverse cumulative distribution functions
iqr Interquartile range
mean Mean of probability distribution
median Median of probability distribution
pdf Probability density functions
random Random numbers
std Standard deviation of probability distribution
truncate Truncate probability distribution object
var Variance of probability distribution

Using Objects

PiecewiseLinearDistribution Piecewise linear probability distribution object

Examples and How To

Fit a Nonparametric Distribution with Pareto Tails

Fit a nonparametric probability distribution to sample data using Pareto tails to smooth the distribution in the tails.


Piecewise Linear Distribution

The piecewise linear distribution creates a nonparametric representation of the cumulative distribution function (cdf) by linearly connecting the known cdf values from the sample data.

Nonparametric and Empirical Probability Distributions

Estimate a probability density function or a cumulative distribution function from sample data.

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