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piecewisedistribution class


Piecewise-defined distributions


piecewisedistribution is an abstract class. To construct a piecewisedistribution object, use the subclass constructor, paretotails.


boundaryPiecewise distribution boundaries
cdfCumulative distribution function for piecewise distribution
dispDisplay piecewisedistribution object
displayDisplay piecewisedistribution object
icdfInverse cumulative distribution function for piecewise distribution
nsegmentsNumber of segments
pdfProbability density function for piecewise distribution
randomRandom numbers from piecewise distribution
segmentSegments containing values


Objects of the piecewisedistribution class have no properties accessible by dot indexing, get methods, or set methods. To obtain information about a piecewisedistribution object, use the appropriate method.

Copy Semantics

Value. To learn how this affects your use of the class, see Comparing Handle and Value Classes (MATLAB) in the MATLAB® Object-Oriented Programming documentation.

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