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Class: piecewisedistribution

Random numbers from piecewise distribution


r = random(obj)
R = random(obj,n)
R = random(obj,m,n)
R = random(obj,[m,n])
R = random(obj,m,n,p,...)
R = random(obj,[m,n,p,...])


r = random(obj) generates a pseudo-random number r drawn from the piecewise distribution object obj.

R = random(obj,n) generates an n-by-n matrix of pseudo-random numbers R.

R = random(obj,m,n) or R = random(obj,[m,n]) generates an m-by-n matrix of pseudo-random numbers R.

R = random(obj,m,n,p,...) or R = random(obj,[m,n,p,...]) generates an m-by-n-by-p-by-... array of pseudo-random numbers R.


Fit Pareto tails to a t distribution at cumulative probabilities 0.1 and 0.9:

t = trnd(3,100,1);
obj = paretotails(t,0.1,0.9);

r = random(obj)
r =

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