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DistName property

Class: ProbDist

Read-only probability distribution name of ProbDist object


DistName is a read-only property of the ProbDist class. DistName is a character vector containing the type of distribution used to create the object.


Possible values are:

  • 'kernel'

  • 'beta'

  • 'binomial'

  • 'birnbaumsaunders'

  • 'exponential'

  • 'extreme value'

  • 'gamma'

  • 'generalized extreme value'

  • 'generalized pareto'

  • 'inversegaussian'

  • 'logistic'

  • 'loglogistic'

  • 'lognormal'

  • 'nakagami'

  • 'negative binomial'

  • 'normal'

  • 'poisson'

  • 'rayleigh'

  • 'rician'

  • 'tlocationscale'

  • 'weibull'

Use this information to view and compare the type of distribution used to create distribution objects.

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