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ScrambleMethod property

Class: qrandset

Settings that control scrambling


The ScrambleMethod property contains a structure that defines which scrambles to apply to the sequence. The structure consists of two fields:

  • Type: A character vector containing the name of the scramble.

  • Options: A cell array of parameter values for the scramble.

Different point sets support different scramble types as outlined in the help for each point set class. An error occurs if you set an invalid scramble type for a given point set.

The ScrambleMethod property also accepts an empty matrix as a value. This will clear all scrambling and set the property to contain a (0x0) structure.

The scramble method provides an alternative, easier way to set scrambles.


Apply a random linear scramble combined with a random digital shift to a sobolset point set class:

P = sobolset(5);
P = scramble(P, 'MatousekAffineOwen');

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