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Class: qrandstream

Less than or equal relation for handles


h1 <= h2


Handles are equal if they are handles for the same object. All comparisons use a number associated with each handle object. Nothing can be assumed about the result of a handle comparison except that the repeated comparison of two handles in the same MATLAB® session will yield the same result. The order of handle values is purely arbitrary and has no connection to the state of the handle objects being compared.

h1 <= h2 performs element-wise comparisons between handle arrays h1 and h2. h1 and h2 must be of the same dimensions unless one is a scalar. The result is a logical array of the same dimensions, where each element is an element-wise <= result.

If one of h1 or h2 is scalar, scalar expansion is performed and the result will match the dimensions of the array that is not scalar.

tf = le(h1, h2) stores the result in a logical array of the same dimensions.

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