Random Subspace

Improve predictions using random subspace

To train an random subspace ensemble, or to explore other ensemble-learning options, use the Classification Learner App.

For greater flexibility, train a random subspace ensemble using fitensemble. To train a multiclass model of random subspace ensembles, create an ensemble template using templateEnsemble , and then pass it and the training data to fitcecoc.


Classification Learner Train models to classify data using supervised machine learning


fitensemble Fitted ensemble for classification or regression
templateEnsemble Ensemble learning template
predict Predict classification
loss Classification error
crossval Cross validate ensemble
predictorImportance Estimates of predictor importance
resume Resume training ensemble
loss Regression error


ClassificationEnsemble Ensemble classifier
CompactClassificationEnsemble Compact classification ensemble class
ClassificationPartitionedEnsemble Cross-validated classification ensemble

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