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Residual case order plot




rcoplot(r,rint) displays an errorbar plot of the confidence intervals on the residuals from a regression. The residuals appear in the plot in case order. Inputs r and rint are outputs from the regress function.


The following plots residuals and prediction intervals from a regression of a linearly additive model to the data in moore.mat:

load moore
X = [ones(size(moore,1),1) moore(:,1:5)];
y = moore(:,6);
alpha = 0.05;
[betahat,Ibeta,res,Ires,stats] = regress(y,X,alpha);

The interval around the first residual, shown in red, does not contain zero. This indicates that the residual is larger than expected in 95% of new observations, and suggests the data point is an outlier.

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Introduced before R2006a

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