Repeated Measures and MANOVA

Analysis of variance, repeated measures modeling, and multiple comparisons for data with multiple responses


Repeated Measures

fitrm Fit repeated measures model
ranova Repeated measures analysis of variance
mauchly Mauchly's test for sphericity
epsilon Epsilon adjustment for repeated measures anova
multcompare Multiple comparison of estimated marginal means
anova Analysis of variance for between-subject effects
manova Multivariate analysis of variance
coeftest Linear hypothesis test on coefficients of repeated measures model
grpstats Compute descriptive statistics of repeated measures data by group
margmean Estimate marginal means
plot Plot data with optional grouping
plotprofile Plot expected marginal means with optional grouping
predict Compute predicted values given predictor values
random Generate new random response values given predictor values


manova1 One-way multivariate analysis of variance
manovacluster Dendrogram of group mean clusters following MANOVA
multcompare Multiple comparison test


RepeatedMeasuresModel Repeated measures model class
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