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Statistical Visualization

View data patterns and trends

Explore single-variable distributions using univariate plots such as box plots and histograms. Show the relationships between variables using bivariate plots such as grouped scatterplots and bivariate histograms. Visualize the relationship between multiple variables using multivariate plots such as Andrews and glyph plots. Customize your plot by adding case names, least-squares lines, and reference curves.


andrewsplot Andrews plot
binScatterPlot Scatter plot of bins for tall arrays
biplot Biplot
boxplot Box plot
gline Interactively add line to plot
gname Add case names to plot
gplotmatrix Matrix of scatter plots by group
glyphplot Glyph plot
gscatter Scatter plot by group
hist3 Bivariate histogram
lsline Add least-squares line to scatter plot
parallelcoords Parallel coordinates plot
refcurve Add reference curve to plot
refline Add reference line to plot
scatterhist Scatter plot with marginal histograms


Box Plots

Compare data distributions using median, interquartile range, and percentiles.

Create Scatter Plots Using Grouped Data

Compare data distributions and relationships between groups.

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