Summary of Output and Diagnostic Statistics

NameLinearModel regstats
Cook's DistanceCooksDistance and cookdcookd
Coefficient Confidence IntervalscoefCIN/A
Coefficient Covariance and Standard ErrorsCoefficientCovariancecovb
Coefficient of Determination (R-Squared)Rsquared: Ordinary, Adjustedrsquare, adjrsquare
Delete-1 Change in Covariance (covratio)CovRatiocovratio
Delete-1 Scaled Difference in Coefficient Estimates (Dfbetas)Dfbetasdfbetas
Delete-1 Scaled Change in Fitted Values (Dffits)Dffitsdffits
Delete-1 Variance (S2_i)S2_is2_i
Durbin-Watson Testdwtestdwstat
Hat MatrixHatMatrixhatmat
ResidualsResiduals: Raw, Pearson, Studentized, Standardizedr, studres, standres

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