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Read tabular data from file


[data,varnames,casenames] = tblread
[data,varnames,casenames] = tblread(filename)
[data,varnames,casenames] = tblread(filename,delimiter)


[data,varnames,casenames] = tblread displays the File Open dialog box for interactive selection of a tabular data file. The file format has variable names in the first row, case names in the first column and data starting in the (2, 2) position. Outputs are:

  • data — Numeric matrix with a value for each variable-case pair

  • varnames — Character matrix containing the variable names in the first row of the file

  • casenames — Character matrix containing the names of each case in the first column of the file

[data,varnames,casenames] = tblread(filename) allows command line specification of the name of a file in the current folder, or the complete path name of any file, using the character vector filename.

[data,varnames,casenames] = tblread(filename,delimiter) reads from the file using delimiter as the delimiting character. Accepted values for delimiter are:

  • ' '  or 'space'

  • '\t' or 'tab'

  • ','  or 'comma'

  • ';'  or 'semi'

  • '|'  or 'bar'

The default value of delimiter is 'space'.


[data,varnames,casenames] = tblread('sat.dat')
data =
  470  530
  520  480

varnames =

casenames =

Introduced before R2006a

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