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Continuous uniform parameter estimates


[ahat,bhat] = unifit(data)
[ahat,bhat,ACI,BCI] = unifit(data)
[ahat,bhat,ACI,BCI] = unifit(data,alpha)


[ahat,bhat] = unifit(data) returns the maximum likelihood estimates (MLEs) of the parameters of the uniform distribution given the data in data.

[ahat,bhat,ACI,BCI] = unifit(data) also returns 95% confidence intervals, ACI and BCI, which are matrices with two rows. The first row contains the lower bound of the interval for each column of the matrix data. The second row contains the upper bound of the interval.

[ahat,bhat,ACI,BCI] = unifit(data,alpha) enables you to control of the confidence level alpha. For example, if alpha = 0.01 then ACI and BCI are 99% confidence intervals.


r = unifrnd(10,12,100,2);
[ahat,bhat,aci,bci] = unifit(r)
ahat =
  10.0154  10.0060
bhat =
  11.9989  11.9743
aci =
  9.9551  9.9461
  10.0154  10.0060
bci =
  11.9989  11.9743
  12.0592  12.0341

Introduced before R2006a

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