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Weibull probability plot


h = wblplot(X)


wblplot(X) displays a Weibull probability plot of the data in X. If X is a matrix, wblplot displays a plot for each column.

h = wblplot(X) returns handles to the plotted lines.

The purpose of a Weibull probability plot is to graphically assess whether the data in X could come from a Weibull distribution. If the data are Weibull the plot will be linear. Other distribution types might introduce curvature in the plot. wblplot uses midpoint probability plotting positions. Use probplot when the data included censored observations.


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Generate a vector r containing 50 random numbers from a Weibull distribution with parameters A = 1.2 and B = 1.5.

rng default;  % For reproducibility
r = wblrnd(1.2,1.5,50,1);

Create a Weibull probability plot to visually determine if the data comes from a Weibull distribution.


The plot indicates that the data likely comes from a Weibull distribution.

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Introduced before R2006a

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