Install Support for Arduino Hardware

This example shows how to add support for Arduino® hardware to the Simulink® product. After you complete this process, you can run Simulink models on your Arduino hardware.

To install support for Arduino hardware:

  1. In a MATLAB Command Window, enter supportPackageInstaller. This starts the Support Package Installer.

  2. Follow the instructions and default settings provided by Support Package Installer to complete the installation. For more information about the options on a particular screen, click the Help button.

The installation process adds the following items to your host computer:

  • Third-party software development tools, such as the Arduino software with Mega 2560, Uno, Nano 3.0, Due, Leonardo, Mega ADK, Mini, Fio, Pro, Micro, Esplora, Robot Control Board, Robot Motor Board, Yun, and Lilypad USB board support.

  • A Simulink block library for configuring and accessing Arduino sensors, actuators, and communication interfaces.

  • Examples for getting started and learning about specific features.

  • Documentation for Simulink Support Package for Arduino Hardware.

To check for updates, repeat this process when a new version of MATLAB® software is released. You can also check for updates between releases.

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