Generate SystemACE image for specified bitstream

    Note:   The Communications System Toolbox™ Support Package for Xilinx® FPGA-Based Radio will be removed in a future release.




sdrfgensysace(BitstreamFiles) creates a local SystemACE-compatible folder and file hierarchy for the specified bitstreams. The value you specify for BitstreamFiles must be a character vector or cell array of character vectors that specify the Xilinx FPGA bitstream files to convert to the SystemACE format.

sdrfgensysace(BitstreamFiles,'OutputFolder',folder) creates a local SystemACE-compatible folder and file hierarchy in the specified folder. The value you specify for folder is the location to write the SystemACE outputs. The default folder is the current working directory.

Use sdrfgensysace to create a folder and file hierarchy that can be copied to a Xilinx development board SystemACE compact flash card. Up to eight bitstreams can be specified as part of a SystemACE collection.

    Note:   The support package for Xilinx FPGA-Based Radio includes a SystemACE collection for the bitstreams which ship with the product. You can find the collection in SDR_ROOT/bin/SystemAce.

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